07/11/2004 - 07/18/2004

After leaving the planet with the riot we headed for a system in imperial space which is where we encountered the pirates that were raiding the planet. After a brief battle where EnVic and the rest of the crew disabled two corsairs and a SDB, you raided them and took the crews prisoner. They, however, destroyed their computers and data pads before they were boarded and did not even know their meeting place. It was encoded on a data disc that they destroyed as well.

The captain took their extra hostile environment suits and the laser pistols and laser rifles that they had, and turned them over to the military, who then questioned our captain and the noble (since he was Zhodani, and the SDB's both had Zhodani markings on them).

Afterwards, you land at the planet begin repairs to the ship, collect the bounty on the pirates and their ships, and look around while you have shore leave. During the shore leave the captain asked for Rachel's help a couple of times. Once to get a link on an e-mail address, so that he would know whenever someone contacted it, and also to develop a better gum solvent.

The captain is also called up to the destroyer to be questioned about the incident a second time. Rachel informs you that she did some checking and found out that the captain of the destroyer was the captain of the last naval ship that Martin (our captain) served on. During the time that he disobeyed direct orders from the Admiral, this was the ship that Martin took over when its captain was injured in the battle.

When you leave the planet, the captain sets course for a waypoint system, (a system that has no habitable planets, just an outpost incase a ship gets stranded) saying that he heard rumors of pirates acting in the area and that one parsec away is an abandoned mining facility that Corsairs have been seen near recently.

Arriving in system, we detected four corsairs. The captain had the pilot set course for the gas giant so it looked like we needed fuel, baiting the pirates in close so we could attack. During the battle, one of the ships unintentionally hit one of their allies with missiles. The captain sent a tight beam transmission to the ship that fired the missiles thanking them, and saying the payment will be made to the usual account, at the same time making sure the transmission went through the ship that was hit. This caused some minor chaos, and we wiped them all out, taking only mild damage the entire time (despite the pilot almost ramming some missiles).


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