With the pilot on board now, we have set off for a jump point at the edge of the system. A few hours away from the jump point a ship comes out of it, and quickly adjusted its course so that it would pass within 500 km of our ship. This is highly irregular, and by most considered very hostile. After hailing it, it identified itself as a former friend of your ship. The small talk led them to believe that we had nothing of value on board, and were down on your luck pirates ourselves, so they went on without a single shot being fired.

After the jump was complete, we headed in towards the new planet. When we were almost there, a ship came out of the jump point that you came out of, a Zhodani merchant ship. A few minutes later an Imperial courier came out on the other side of the system. Your ship also received a message that one of your gunners has taken over the security forces of the capital, and your other gunner is not there yet. Long story short, while on planet the former head of the security forces released all the prisoners in a prison next to the government center, starting a riot. We all got involved in it; EnVic personally piloted a transport ship to get the civilians off the roof, while Rachel helped the troops inside by taking over the security systems. The regular pilot ended up stopping the ship right in front of the building and had an engineer put up a wall of pulse laser fire in front of the door on the roof so that the prisoners would not try to go out. When it was all over, the other gunner arrived on the Zhodani merchant ship, and the courier had a delivery for the captain.


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