Bittorrent client list

There are several clients for BitTorrent out there. Each possess at least the basic functionality of downloading torrents; they also have some unique features of their own. View the website for each client for more information. The clients in this list are known to work with this tracker; those that are noted as recommended are also known to suport DeHackEd's http-based seeding specification.

 Client name  Version  Platforms  Description
 BitTornado (Recommended) 0.3.17 Windows, Linux, Mac OS X  This client is one of the most popular clients.
 Azureus (Recommended)   Linux, Windows, Mac OS X   Written in Java, can be used on multiple platforms. 
 ABC [Yet Another BitTorrent Client] (Recommended)  3.1.0 Windows, Linux, Mac OS X  Another popular client, based off of BitTornado.
 µTorrent 1.6 Windows  Written in C++ so it isn't dependent on Python.
 BitTorrent 4.4.1 Linux, Windows, Mac OS X  The original BitTorrent client

The clients are listed in order of recommendation.

If your client isn't listed here as recommended, and is not of the version (or better) listed, it may not be able to download the torrents on the tracker.

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